Chess 2.311

Source:AI Factory Limited

The timeless game of intellectual warfare. Are you a grand master in the making?

Same as our "Chess Free", but no Ads.


-- 10 play levels (Novice->Expert)
This uses intelligent weakening for lower levels. Good for beginners.

-- Uses Treebeard Chess engine
(as used in Microsoft's MSN Chess)
This has a unique "human-like" style.

-- "Show CPU Thinking" option
A unique feature, great for learning chess. This shows which moves the AI is considering.

-- Chess Stats, Timers, Hints and Handicaps
Track your career history against each level and improve your ranking

-- 2 player hot-seat
Play against your friends!

-- 3 Chess Boards and 3 Piece Sets

-- Review game mode
Step back through your game and see how you won!

-- Designed for both Tablet and Phone

-- Full touch screen and trackerball support

Coming soon! PGN support for save/load of games.

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